Landscape Installation

With a creative, sustainable and cost-effective approach, Paso Robles area landscapers from Mow-Town Landscapes take every customer’s landscape installation with quality and personalized care to make your plants happy.

Drought-tolerant, Mediterranean, water-saving, butterfly-attracting: we do it all. Grass/turf removal, artistic/sustainable landscape design and installation, urban/rural garden designs — Mow-Town Landscapes is proud to service customers with the best landscapes with customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Don’t let water restrictions or California drought conditions put a damper on your landscape. Mow-Town Landscapes is here to custom-tailor your Paso Robles area landscape installation to meet your budgetary needs in all shapes, sizes and complexities.

Serving all of north SLO County above the Cuesta Grade: Santa Margarita, Garden Farms, California Valley/Carrizo Plains, Pozo, Atascadero, Calf Canyon, Templeton, Paso Robles, San Miguel, Heritage Ranch, Oak Shores and outlying rural areas.


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